Cybord Prototypes

Cybords are realized as small square circuit boards that can be assembled by hand into arbitrary configurations. A jigsaw puzzle style interlock holds boards in place and applies compression force to contacts formed into the four edges of each board.

Power and information flow from board to board. A computer on each board signals to neighboring boards so as to establish the most likely useful communication. Both dense meshes and meandering strings of boards are useful.

Although only three signals are required between boards, ContactSymmetry in the connectors would allow arbitrary orientation of the boards as implied in this picture. Otherwise the edge profiles should be such that power and ground cannot be crossed.

Other connector systems are possible such as with this OverlapPrototype.

The small part count of the Cybord allows us to prototye small systems using socket boards. Here is an Atmel TinyTwelve generating ntsc video using two resisters as a digital-analog converter.


We demonstrate the protocol, interfaces and in-place programming using SocketPrototypes.

The production one boards will use the Atmel MegaEight processor in a 32-pin surface mount package. The boards will accomodate prototyping any of three ways:

  • 1/10 inch centers prototyping area
  • headers for daughter boards
  • ReverseSurfaceMount prototyping

The boards will be Cynase network functional as shipped with the possible exception of installing and soldering edge contacts (unless they can be machine installed).


Last edited March 14, 2003
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