Making Jumper Wires

This is the easy way to make small jumper wires for use on a SolderlessBreadboard.

Use wire strippers unless you are very very good at stripping wire with diagonal cutters. (Why bother?)

Remove 1/2 inch of insulation from the free end of your hookup wire while it is still on the spool.


Now choose the length of your jumper. Move up that lenght of insulation and start a second cut. Use your thumb to carefully slide this insulation 1/4 inch toward the free end.


At this point you will have your jumper completed, except that it is still connected to the spool. Clip it off and use.


We use 22 gage wire. Some folks prefer 24 gage, which is smaller and slides into new sockets more easily. Get tined wire if you can. It takes up solder faster when you do solder it. Also it resists corrosion in the air, unlike bare copper, and this will keep your socket connections conducting better.


Last edited March 29, 2006
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