Project Timeline

This is the timeline we wrote when we were working on the CynaseSimulator. We haven't kept to it, but we still think big. -- WardCunningham

We'd like to see a half-dozen graduate research groups working with Cybords in the next year. If this is to happen we have to be careful not to work too hard on any particular aspect of the project. It is more important to have something whole working than any concept fully developed.

Winter 2002

  • desktop simulator empoying cynase protocol
  • socket board prototype (three nodes)
  • mechanical profile of interlocking boards
  • preliminary circut design for core controller

Spring 2003

  • interlocking prototype boards
  • 8-minute demonstration video
  • announcement at EmergingTechnologyConference
  • theory, user and applications paper

Summer 2003

  • grant and pre-purchase funding in place
  • small volume manufacturing

Fall 2003

  • distribution of 15 research kits (10 boards each)
  • code sharing framework and repository
  • open source software development kit

Winter 2003

  • research workshop in Santa Fe
  • open source cad files for reproducible manufacturing


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