Ramp Pulse Generator

This program produces a ramp, slow ramp, level or triangular pulse on po.

 ;             ATtiny45
 ;              --v--
 ;    rst pb5 -|     |- vcc
 ;     pi pb3 -|     |- pb2 sck
 ;     po pb4 -|     |- pb1 miso
 ;        gnd -|     |- pb0 mosi scope
 ;              -----        
 ;              8Mhz


Select the desired output by un-commenting the desired function call in main. Produce negative pulses by reversing the ramp calls in pulse:

	rcall rampup
	rcall rampdown

A neat trick is to pool the outputs of two pulse generators, one positive going and the other negative going. This produces a variety of waveforms as the two computers phase drift.

        Ramp --+
        Ramp --+-->


Last edited February 29, 2008
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