Status Reports

February 17, 2006 -- DaleDougherty of O'Reilly wrote, "Do you know about MakerFaire, which will be held in San Mateo on April 22-23? Info at: I remember running into you during the last year and you were working on some hardware projects. We'd love to have you demonstrate them and talk about them at Maker Faire. It will be a lot of fun. Interested?" Well, yeah. We'll do it.

February 2, 2006 -- DigiKey shipped me thirty ATtiny45s. After running out of memory working on a DigitalMeter I decided to start using the newer and larger of their eight pin parts. Unfortunately the 25/45/85 parts turn out to have enough ClockJitter to make them unacceptable for television.

September 19, 2005 -- I showed off Bynase as part of a talk on simplicity at the OOPSLA-2005 Educator's Symposium. It may have been too much electronics for most.

August 21, 2005 -- I took the Bynase prototypes to FooCamp and showed them around to a handful of folks who could understand them in their primitive state. I used AmericanGlory to attract attention and then explained how the parts worked by yanking all the wires out of a board and building up something interesting slowly.

Several Years Pass

After many months of no progress with the Tiny12 implementation of Cynase I chose to radically simplify. I designed a 'single-bit' packet format I called the BynaseProtocol. This got the project moving again but didn't get me writing in these pages. I will do my best to reconstruct intervening history up to now, February 2006.

March 13, 2003 -- I saw this announcement of a web interface built into an RJ45 jack, a scale that looks attractive to cyborders.

March 8, 2003 -- I assembled up a cynase prototyping platform using four Tiny12s on a RadioShack prototyping socket. One side of the socket has i/o devices, the other, cynase running on jumpers. Only after I'd built it did I realize just how much this looks like the cell membrane with the chips "transducing" signals to the cynase network.

January 20, 2003 -- DougRobison has prototyped some awesome cyboard connectors using machined pins extracted from chip sockets. The boards overlap, but any configuration is possible with boards alternating between the upper and lower positions.

Dec 19, 2002 -- I stumbled across RichGold's web site. His reflections on ubiquitious computing and art might explain why we are building cybords, especially his observations of the anti-natural. -- WardCunningham

Dec 18, 2002 -- I ran into KeithLofstrom at a talk last night. Further correspondence today has led me to seek his thoughts on ElectricalSignalingOptions I've considered. -- WardCunningham

Dec 17, 2002 -- I've printed two introductory pages from this site as pdf files and serve them from my personal pages on These make good email attachments because they can be read without having a password for this site. They are essentially teasers. I cite them when I want to mention this project without inviting someone to join. -- WardCunningham

Dec 15, 2002 -- I just showed the PCB design to JerryShane a model maker in the Tektronix model shop. Jerry would like to help us with some samples of the parts. -- BillPooley

Nov 23, 2002 -- I showed the CynaseSimulator to a handful of folks that I met at the SocialSoftwareSummit.


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