First Descents of Kaweah River Tributaries

First Descents of Kaweah River Tributaries

1963 The Kaweah River from Pumpkin Hollow Bridge was run per Holbeck and Stanley.

1984 Hospital Rock to the SCE upper diversion for Kaweah Plant #3 was fist run.

1997 has seen first descents made on the South Fork Kaweah River from the Sequoia Park Boundary, Yucca Creek (tributary to the North Fork) from 2 miles up, East Fork Kaweah from The Oak Grove Bridge to the confuence with the Middle fork, and the Middle Fork from Buckeye Flat Campground to Hospital Rock.

2001 saw the 5 miles above Buckeye Flat Campground has been reportedly run in the spring as well as the Marble Fork from below Marble Falls.

Tao Burrman and Scott Lindgren ran the East Fork this spring, 2001, fron the Oak Grove Bridge to the confluence with the Middle Fork.

May 2002 The Upper East Fork from Lookout Point Trail to Squirrel Creek was run by Bo Wallace, Josh Bruckner, Riley Cathcart, and Jess Brown.

May 26-31, 2004. The Headwaters of the Middle Fork were run by Scott Lindgren and team from the 7000 ft level on Cliff Creek to Hospital Rock in 5 days.

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