About SensorServer

SensorServer is a suite of linux scripts that collect sensor data over the internet and display it as digital readouts and plots. It includes a cron job that polls Arduinos running a script also called SensorServer.

The Arduino SensorServer serves http requests to the internet. You can watch data from this small computer live with no other intervening computers.

The Arduino SensorServer collects sensor signals polling devices at a rate of about once a second. It supports three kinds of signals:

SensorServer reports the most recent sample of each signal in response to requests from the internet. Responses are formatted as json, a sample of which is shown here:

      	"a2010":	980,
      	"a2011":	936,
      	"a2012":	52,
      	"b2012":	22,
      	"c19808":	283,
      	"c19356":	618,
      	"c12234":	306,
      	"c63411":	85,
      	"c54551":	243,
      	"t0":	51736306,
      	"t1":	632,
      	"r0":	361,
      	"r1":	834,

The various signals are given codes, a, b, c, for analog, bynase and 1-wire respectively. The numeric part of the code is a combination of the server's ip address and the input pin number for analog and bynase. For 1-wire the code is extracted from an id unique to each 1-wire device.

The report includes aditional times and counts:

The server processes internet requests one at a time, queuing simultainous requests to be processed at the earliest opportunity.

Uptime statistics are available via Pingdom.

The project source is available on GitHub under the GPL v2 license.

Various sensors are discussed along with lots of other do-it-yourself microprocessor projects on the cybords site.